Window Grilles Singapore

home window grillThe security of your home or office is essential.  No matter where you live, houses and warehouses do get broken into and the window is one of the weakest points of the building.  Yet a lot of security features end up detracting from the look and feel of a place: sometimes giving the impression of a prison.

Window grilles in Singapore are a great idea, but finding that balance between security and style can be difficult.  That’s why at Kow Yee, we’re determined to not only finish the design of your home or office but compliment it with security features that not only serve a useful purpose but look great too.

Living Room Security

Especially with ground floor flats, people can often see into your living room.  Think about what’s on display to these nosy strangers.  Your television could be sitting there, right before their eyes as well as your home computer.  If they’re desperate enough, then all it takes is a swift elbow and their through the glass of the window.

A window grill, however, stops him from doing this.  No longer able to break in within seconds, all but the most determined burglar will just walk away.

Yet what about the impact on your living space?  Often they can be oppressive, blocking out the sunlight and making you feel like a prisoner.  With our stylish grilles matched to the design of your home, you can look upon your security measure as an extension of your renovation.  You can choose from any number of designs that reflect your personality and that of the room they protect.

Prevent that Office Break-in

Your office is likely to contain a huge amount of expensive equipment, not to mention sensitive documents, so protecting it is very important.  Window grilles are a great idea, but they can look messy when compared to your perfectly designed office space. 

Made to match the design of your office space, our aluminium window grills offer you the maximum protection while blending in seamlessly with the look and feel of your office.  There’s no need to ever apologise to a customer about the bars on the window: they may even comment on how great they look.

At Kow Yee, our materials are sourced from our own warehouse, so you can be sure of their quality.  By cutting out the middle man, we manage to keep the price low for you, our customer.