Quality Doors For Your Home or Office

door knobNo room is complete without a door and through the years a number of different ideas have been used in the home and office to separate off those different rooms.  From simply hanging cloth over a frame through to sliding glass doors, there is a massive choice when it comes to doors, so your final choice comes down to the look of the whole room.

From Traditionalist to Ultra-Modern

Your living room is the place where you can show off your own ideas to your guests.  Years ago, in a few European cultures, there were two separate living rooms: one to host strangers and unfamiliar guests and another to host your closest friends and relatives.

The former was generally quite subdued but the latter showed off all the style and design ideas the owner had.  Here at Kow Yee, we feel that the idea of putting your heart on your sleeve is a great one, so designing your home to show this off is a great idea.

The door, then, should match this mood.  From thick wooden doors separating off the private space of your bedroom to sliding glass doors that show off your living room in all its splendour, we aim to compliment your taste and the design of your rooms in every detail.

The Office Door

At Kow Yee, we know how important it is to have a quiet and peaceful office, especially at home.  It’s important, therefore, to choose the right door.  Locking yourself in to finish those important documents, you don’t want to be disturbed by noises coming through your door.

Of course, style is almost as important, too, and at Kow Yee, our selection of doors are designed to add a little extra to your office space.  Our sliding doors are designed to make the most of all available space while offering a stylish alternative to the traditional wooden door.  It’s also important to consider things such as fire-proof ratings when it comes to the workplace and our HDB toilet doors are certified and ready for office use.

Wherever you place your doors, they don’t have to be all about practicality.  Combining design and utility, our doors offer you the flexibility throughout your home and office to combine your design style perfectly.  The door is the gateway between two styles, so choosing the right one is essential. As with all our products, here at Kow Yee we use only the highest quality materials to provide you with doors that last.